Breaking News: The Royals Are Multilogs?!

Slushy, CP Army League Headquarters – The Royals are one of the most successful armies we have ever seen throughout the history of CPOAL/CPAL. However, in a recent turn of events, we have now found out their entire army was full of fake people? They were… multilogs?!

On Wednesday, September 16th, 2020, Erika, a former Royals leader, admitted to Head of Board, 32op that she indeed multilogged in the Royals army.

Erika, Royals Leader, admitted multilogging.

This devious act is surprising coming from a previous army who have no history of multilogging. CPAL was lucky enough to get an interview from Erika herself.

Interview with Erika, Royals Leader

CPAL: How does it feel to join all-time greats such as Badboy in a devious act called multilogging?

Erika: My good friend 32op, I honestly believe it to be an honor to be on the same list as a legend such as Badboy however, my act was a one time deed in a desperate attempt to defeat the stinky redemption force.

CPAL: Do you know if any other Royals leaders multilogged, Erika?

Erika: yes, meghan (cheesegirly)

CPAL: One of the biggest accomplishments that the Royals have is their second place on a Top Ten. Do you think the CPAL team should take this away?

Erika: In my opinion, no because that place was achieved with help of the word power army Doritos of CP and they deserve everything. that being said, I believe Meghan (cheesegirly) should be banned from the army community due to her heinous crimes.

CPAL: Thank you for your time! Any last comments?

Erika: yes. #coupmeghan(cheesegirly), she moved royals staff channels to piss us off. dcp4ever

Erika admits to multilogging for the sole purpose of beating the “stinky” Redemption Force. However, she rats out Meghan (Cheesegirly) for multilogging numerous times and agrees that she should be couped from the Royals.

Comment below what YOU think! Do you think Erika is hiding something? Is Erika shifting the blame on Meghan? Are the Royals just Trifecta + Multilogs? 


CP Army League Head of Board

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