Why I Believe the Royals are The Greatest

This post is just my opinion on why I believe the Royals is the greatest army to ever exist.

Recently I have been talking with former Royals members and legends. I’ve also had talks with my good friend, Erika. We were talking about the achievements the Royals had and how we’re underrated for our success due to allegations of cheating by failed leaders in the community. For the remainder of this post I’ll be explaining why I believe the Royals deserves the title as The Greatest Army to Exist.

The Purple War Machine

It is no secret that the Royals operated at best during war time. In fact, this was a contributing factor to our reputation as being one of the most disliked armies – we declared war on everyone. We did not care who you were or what you stood for, if you messed with us then you expect to be invaded by the Royals. We have had many enemies, our legendary rival being the ACP. When no one dared to challenge the ACP during their prime, the Royals stepped out and fought whoever was at top. The Royals – ACP war in the beginning of 2012 will always be one of my favorites despite the fact it ended in a Royals defeat. Why? Because the Royals demonstrated their true power of being a potential army for CPAC’s #1 spot. During this time ACP was reigned as the #1 army and were seen as an unstoppable force – until the Royals challenged them. We battled the ACP and had many victories. In the end, the ”unstoppable” ACP had to resort to forming an alliance with the Nachos, Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors in order to save themselves from being completely annihilated by the Royals.

After that war we would continue to have wars with the ACP to seek revenge, and we would always come out victorious. After that war the ACP fell and it would take them months to recover. We would engage in numerous other wars with other large armies, such as the Dark Warriors, HSA, RPF, Nachos, Army Republic, you name it. No army was safe from the advancement of the Royals army. In 2013 we engaged with another war with the ACP and came out victorious. In 2014 we went to war with the Dark Warriors twice – in the summer and in the winter. At the time the Dark Warriors were considered #1 by CPAC, and no other army dared challenge them. Only the Royals will challenge DW’s throne as #1. In 2015 we went to war with numerous armies, especially after our rise due to my discovery of bot recruiting. In the summer of 2015 we went to war with the RPF, I led the Royalsalone and managed to defeat Elmikey, Silverburg, and all their RPF veterans. In 2016 we returned for the Easter break and took away the Night Warrior’s #1 spot on CPAC for our entire 4 weeks of being alive, and of course, declared war on them – outnumbering them in every battle.

The Royals will always be remembered for their blood thirst for war and challenging any army that claims to be number one. We did not hide behind ”peace treaties” as we believed this was only for the weak.

Recruiting Masters (revolutionaries)

The Royals have used many recruiting methods during our existence. From chat recruiting, to auto typing, to CPPS advertisements, to bot recruiting. Erika, Brooke, and myself included, have all been inducted to CPAC’s legend page and characterised as ”revolutionaries”. One of the main reason for this is because of our recruiting methods. We always thought outside the box. Ioioluk was the best at chat recruiting, she would chat recruit key Royals figures like Marissa, Mehakk, Marian, , etc. Erika was also very skilled in chat recruiting, and was a major contributor to Royals success during the legendary ACP war with his recruiting abilities. I also used chat recruiting during my time in the Pirates. It was not until summer 2015 that I began to bot recruit. I noticed armies using bot scripts to raid other armies, and I thought this was just ridiculous and a waste of a script. During this time I was auto typing, so I figured it would be much easier to use bots to auto type on CP rather than using your laptop. I contacted Blizzard880 (he was the bot raider at the time) and she told me about Rile5 and his script (I was already using Rile5 since 2013). I contacted my friends in Camelogical (Adam & Astro) and they made me an activator and an upgraded script perfect for recruiting. This would revolutionise armies as later on armies would begin to use scripts to recruit, but none were ever as successful as me or the Royals. Armies were limited in their resources, such as not having an activator and having a different script than me. I had the help of Camelogical to provide me with the latest scripts in order to recruit efficiently for the Royals. The army community were surprised to see the power of bot recruiting as I led the Royals throughout the summer of 2015 with hardly any owners or moderators – just CP recruits and users from Astro’s CPPS, Virtual Penguin. With the introduction of bot recruiting, the community was able to rise their armies to new heights, but not as big as the Royals – the founders of bot recruiting. And thanks to Erika, we were the first army to make a working partnership between a CPPS, oldCP. This partnership helped the Royals greatly during our summer 2014 Golden Age under the leadership of me and Erika.

The Biggest Army

The Royals have always been remembered for being a large army, and that is due to the amount of golden ages we’ve had. Last year, in 2016, I managed to lead the Royals to over 100 twice on Easter and the day after. I didn’t even realise this until Brooke counted the troops in the pictures. We managed to circle the Town and also circled the Ice Berg with a few lock outs in random rooms. We managed to get over 100 people on our chat, with about 50+ viewing the site live with over 5,000 views on that day alone. I even recorded the battle, which you can view by clicking HERE. With the sizes we were getting, we didn’t want to bore the troops with stupid training sessions like the ACP. We challenged every army. I have made multiple videos of the Royals battling other armies during Easter 2016. We even declared war on the Night Warriors and crushed them, go to our archives and look at April 2016. Whenever the Royals returned we would always become #1 and were the biggest army – no one would even dare challenge us. Of course, there were the doubters, the people who never tried bot recruiting or even led a decent army, that would accuse us of mutli logging. Which was funny, considering I made a lot of posts of our site stats. I bot recruited every day, which would bring in a lot of recruits. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. When people logged on Club Penguin they would see our bots recruiting. If you looked at our chat it will filled with Club Penguin recruits asking for when the battle starts and their memberships. I even recorded our battles, you can clearly see that the Light Troops were 100% legit. There has been NO ”proof” of the Light Troops cheating after we began bot recruiting in May 2015. We won the Spring Tournament in April 2015 against the Nachos due to our massive sizes from bot recruiting and our sponsorship from oldCP. The Royals would challenge every single army with our massive sizes, and we would come out victorious. I remember last year, December 2016, I had an entire week of invading army capitals because I was bored and there wasn’t any real challenge for the great Light Troops.


The Royals had one of the most loyal owners and moderators ever, especially during my reign. Most armies are notorious for hiring army hoppers – but not the Royals. I admit, we have had our share of army hoppers (Mythic, Sophie), but overall the most loyal people you’ll meet will be in the Royals. Why? Because the owners in the Royals were recruited by either myself, Erika, or Marissa. For example, look at my owner squad: Brooke, Marissa, Sophie, Mythic. These guys were the best owners I have ever had, especially Marissa & Brooke. These guys are loyal to the Royals to he bone. Whenever the Royals, they are there ready to serve. Even Marissa inner circle are still around, you may know them as ”Dattabeyo”. Throughout the years they have stuck together and still talk, because in the Royals we don’t see each other as just normal users, we’re friends, we develop a strong bond that can last a long time.

Many people may mock Brooke for her loyalty to me, but if I were her I wouldn’t worry. In 2012 many people mocked me because I ”worshipped” Erika. In 2012 Erika was considered a great leader by many and the Light Troops were powerful under her. She was very charismatic – she wasn’t politically correct like other army leaders and spoke out a lot against CPAC and other armies. This drew me in to her and the Royals. During this time I was leading the Pirates, who were considered a SMAC army. I was not known and was considered a noob by many. I was constantly teased because I would get the Pirates to support the Light Troops whenever I can. People would say I ”licked erikas ass” and that I worshipped her. Fast forward to now – I am  CPAC legend, Royals legend, and led the Royals, Erika’s creation, to sizes Erika could never do.Brooke was an awesome owner, one of the best in this community. She would be a great leader, but he’s too much of a bitch boy that goes to bed at 8pm on a Friday night (I love you Brooke <3)

Love or hate us, we all know the Royals are The Greatest.

Breaking News: The Royals Are Multilogs?!

Slushy, CP Army League Headquarters – The Royals are one of the most successful armies we have ever seen throughout the history of CPOAL/CPAL. However, in a recent turn of events, we have now found out their entire army was full of fake people? They were… multilogs?!

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